MAIP 2020: Orientation Day 1

Blog Prologue: I applied and was accepted into MAIP, which is the Multicultural Advertising Internship Program headed by 4A’s. Through various stages of applications, I was ultimately hired as a paid media buying & planning intern at Mindshare in Chicago, IL. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MAIP responsibly turned the internship into a virtual experience. As disappointing as it is to not be able to be in Chicago in person at a company I could see myself hired at one day, I was optimistic and decided to look at it in a positive note. This is a new frontier, and we have the opportunity to create something brand new. On to the Virtual Experience!

So far, so interesting. We had a lot of review over what was to be expected and also unexpected. There are clear days where we will be practicing our selected disciplines, mine being Media Buying & Planning, and days where we will have Transferable Skills days. Christina McDonald from Leo Burnett came and spoke about her ad agency and the culture and values and assured to the broad spectrum of people working there. Joy Smith came from Marcus Thomas to speak about their independent agency from the Midwest in Ohio. They highlighted things like how they see their people as humans first, which I respect being said out of an agency or any company. They even have a system called Gradifi which is a student loan payback program; college fund save up program for you or your children. I love that it’s been such a trend to take care of people in the workforce who truly put in their maximum effort to support their business.

They had alumni come in, Marc Williams, Laura Gamo, Marc Morin, Phillip Cheng and Deidry Gomez. They all shared their experience with MAIP, and gave us some pretty comforting words to help contrast the experience have now virtually and some of those advantages. Definitely making lots of connections!

A lot of this made me hurry to revamp my website to get it presentable again, because… Wow. These agencies did not come to play. In a pinch, I made a little logo I had the idea for when I was in middle school and needed to create one only using my initials. Thank you, Coakley Middle School.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s continuation of orientation! Let’s #MAIPithappen

Personally: I’m beat. It’s been fun to watch fellow MAIPers on cam and interacting with the faculty at MAIP. It’s starting to feel like something I’m getting attached to and really feel like I can belong in the media world. That’s always been a struggle, the feeling of fitting in with your peers, but professionally it made it that much more difficult. Coming back to school revamped my way of thinking that as valuable as a degree is, it shouldn’t have made me felt the way I did. I’m grateful that it lead me to the path that I’m taking now, otherwise I wouldn’t have met the people I did, and I wouldn’t be writing this post about them now. Here’s to graduating strong at the end of this Summer 2020!

Thanks for reading! I’m going to bake a vegan cheesecake now.

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  1. Wow son, what an exciting future and a great place to be in the present. The “S” not only stands for your beautiful name it also stands for “SUCCESS”.

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