MAIP 2020: UM World Wide

Blog Prologue: Again, totally condensing a lot here. I wasn’t able to take as diligent of notes as I usually do (I tend to write my posts as I’m in Zoom sessions) but I was really captivated by these last couple of presentations especially that I didn’t, so I’ll try to recall as best as I can!

Universal McCann Worldwide (UM), a media buying & planning agency, came by with a great group of guys from the creative side to my specific field of advertising! We had the pleasure to hear from Jeff Marshall, James deBarros, Andrew Walko, Roberto Rubio and Oleg Sarkissov who are all creatives at UM we got to meet with in smaller subgroups later in the session.

They covered some really powerful ads and strategies like Jay-Z’s Decoded campaign for his book and one in particular that Marie Claire did on Spotify called Loud Silence was intense. Spotify listeners would have an ad break between songs and would be expecting to hear an ad until they heard nothing for a string of 30 seconds. It shook me, and it gives me even more drive to put myself in this field.

Marie Claire’s “Loud Silence” campaign

We broke into the before-mentioned subgroups shortly after to discuss some topics and get a conversation going. I was grouped with Roberto Rubio and about 50-60 other MAIPers. We discussed brands that were doing it right and brands who were doing it wrong with their current campaigns. A lot of insight was given, and it seems like everyone is on the same page as far as wanting brands to raise their voices for the cause of their target audiences, because they’re people behind their demographics, too.

After we regrouped into our normal 300+ Zoom room, they answered questions we all had. They answered one I had, which was where to start in my search for a career in media buying & planning, what were some things to prepare for and any advice they had for someone just starting brand new. Jeff and Oleg took the reigns on the answers and made me feel a lot better about starting at the age I’m at now. They let me know that there would be people alongside to train me and make sure I had a handle on things before being on my own.

I should take deeper breaths. I guess I’m just excited to start work already!

Thanks for reading! #MAIPithappen

Personally: My AC has been out and the last thing I’ve wanted to do is sit in front of a laptop emitting heat to write or sit for hours at a time, but oddly enough, the work has also been distracting me from the heat at the same time. I also think it might have made me think I had a fever but I think I was just overheated/stressed. I’m fine now! The weather’s a little cooler outside so the window’s open and a fan’s going. Texas is also shutting down bars. Again. C’mon, 2020.

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