MAIP 2020: Merkle Group Inc.

Hello, July!

Blog Prologue: Today (7/1/2020) is the day we (Media Planner & Buyers) start our Discipline Training with Merkle! I’m not sure what to expect out of this session, but I do have hopes that it will clue me in a little more on what’s to come in my career.

Here we go! We have Egle Mazonaite, Director of SEM at Merkle and Larissa Caballero, Associate Director to present to us what Merkle is and more into the subject of search marketing and Merkle’s Media Practice.

Right off the bat, Egle talked about how she found herself in the role she is now because of her knack for math, and it sounded a lot like what I felt in my time on campus at Texas State. I excelled in Algebra when I gave it effort, and it was an enjoyable experience. No joke. It was like conquering a mountain if you were into that sort of thing and I liked getting the right answers to problems when a formula made sense. Currently, I am feeling all of these pulls to certain areas, and I’m itching to just start already!

Merkle believes in marketing to people, not proxies. I remember visiting this subject while in NSAC of how targeted ads can be, and how it teeters on invasive and just being extremely helpful in helping you find what you’re looking for. It’s an interesting subject that I want to visit more in depth legally. They even sometimes use Adobe’s Cloud for programmatic and analytics, who we worked with for NSAC! Full circle.

They spotlighted that Bing gave them an award two years in a row for their strides for diversity in the workplace. Their vision reflects that, too, so it’s a backed-up claim. They showed a timeline of their growing goals to make it even more inclusive and accommodating as the years go by, and a monthly newsletter that highlights different cultural holidays in the year, events to attend, etc. Some of the different focuses are LGBTQ+, religion, disabilities, gender and it was all organic looking. I’m glad they mentioned mental health as such a core importance to take care of and they make it a priority to keep it top of mind.

They went on to describe their method of how they worked with clients and gave a great example of meeting in the middle of a doctor’s orders and a server’s servitude. They collaborate, are transparent on problems, and brainstorm ideas and solutions together.

Now, for the SEM 101 section! I am ever learning.

The ran through some of the basics like some of the lingo; SERP (Search Engine Results Page), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) and other distinctions between SEM and SEO. It was quite a flashback to see how Google looked when you searched for something and how it compares to now. Seeing a timeline of the progression was astounding! From ’97 to now all of the innovations are countless and almost overwhelming. They assured again, all of it is for the consumer’s benefit, which I’m starting to see more and more as I learn more about advertising and the science behind it. So. Fascinating.

A lot of my hunches were again correct, like how most of these ads are being focused into going mobile, and how to better cater to people with the space given on your device. The visuals are being utilized a lot more than text is.

Okay, that was a lot to catch up on. Tomorrow, the agency that I was initially hired on to be a paid media buying intern, Mindshare, will be presenting tomorrow for our Discipline Training! SO EXCITED!

Thank you for reading! #MAIPithappen

Personally: We had a MAIP happy hour with a lot of the other MAIPers, and I unexpectedly had a LOT of fun. I’m so happy these future colleagues have such senses of humor and can get along so well with so many people. Excited for the next one!

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