MAIP 2020: Day I’m Not Sure Anymore

Blog Prologue: Wow, it’s been quite the week! I figured I’m going to stop naming my days now because there’s just too much that goes into each, so I’ll try my best to condense. On to the next couple of days ending with today!

Melanie Liu and Samantha Hodian from Digitas came and spoke about their JFK Presidential Library & Museum campaign and showed a video they produced. They stopped just before showing to answer a question about their reasoning for choosing a young black child for the beginning of their video, and their answer was flawless. Melanie explained how Mae C. Jemison was the first African American woman to travel into space, and how much she admired the strength African American women have endured through history without fair recognition. Digitas developed an AR experience to recreate the Apollo 11 Mission. Intense! They even did the launch at the library as if it was on that day years prior.

Looking Back: Astronaut Mae Jemison Suits Up For Launch | NASA
Mae C. Jemison, courtesy of

Ed Frankel and Calvin Butts came from Omnicom Health Group including 16 of his interns to present. Ed works as talent acquisition, and even showed a ton of appreciation to their own MAIP fellows. We’re apparently a hot commodity!

Calvin went over head, heart and hustle to explain our drive. He explained different mindsets, which has always been a huge practice in my daily life since I’ve been aware of my negative mindset on days it would be extremely intense. Some days, I joke about turning my day around, and more often than not, it actually happens. The fake it ’til you make it approach tricks you sometimes in the best of ways, I can attest to that. The session started very focused on being aware of our mental health and dealing with balancing the weight of the world and keeping level headed.

Looking forward to talking more with my coach one-on-one tomorrow about some goals I have this summer (including this blog) and maybe start thinking about finding places to apply to. Very exciting!

Thank you for reading! #MAIPithappen

Vegan cheesecake ft. Mariah Carey – Honey

Personally: I was added to a gay MAIPers group on GroupMe, and I was incredibly uplifted by it. One – it’s awesome to know I have double-minority colleagues working alongside me. Two – they’re brilliant and three – they have good taste in food, so I think I found a good subgroup, some even in the same city as me! I’m so excited to see ourselves develop professionally and hopefully link up!

Oh, and the vegan cheesecake I baked since last post was phenomenal. Here’s a snapshot from my Instagram story. There was also a strawberry glaze. I know.

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