A Mental Break & Graduation

Blog Prologue: I intended for this post to write about the campaigns we were assigned teams for in the past few weeks where we had 5 days or sometimes less to create a full campaign for different brands, but that part of my writing brain said it would probably be best to save for after the competition is over. So, instead, this is just what I’ve been feeling.

I’ve just been tired, anxious and grateful. I threw grateful in there because I’ve been waiting to be this type of busy. The growing kind of busy, and not just the “answer the phone saying ‘it’s a beautiful day at _____, this is Steven, how can I help you?” monotonous booking busy. As valuable as it was to strengthen my phone voice and customer service, I’ve been wanting to make more of an impact and with a larger radius. Trust me, since 2008 I’ve had the customer service thing down pat. I got bigger veggies to stir-fry.

So I graduated!

I made a little thank you video that’s on my private IG page, (too many bots on public) so feel free to send a request as intimidating as that is sometimes.

I’m all over the place today. Too much has happened in August. I turned 30, I finally graduated college (with honors!) and I’ve been knocking out my goals left & right. Who wrote down that they wanted Invisalign back in 2018 and made it happen like Mariah Carey? Just look at that Notes screenshot!

Goal met!

I just want to land a secure enough job so I can quit Starbucks. I know I’m fortunate to be 30 years old with a job, but it’s just not what I saw for myself. It’s hard sometimes to look back on my history and not feel sorry for what I voluntarily put myself through in my 20’s because I didn’t have the self esteem or drive to follow through. I learned a lot. That’s the best you can do with lackluster experiences. Just learn from them and hope this’ll be the time you do something about it. Which, I mean, I did. I went back to school part time while working for someone who actively discouraged it. After leaving, I went full time, got my part time job at Starbucks to pay my bills and supply the caffeine I would need for continuing college life at 28-29 years old. I see the value of working in customer service since 2008. I know how to make someone feel good about their purchasing decisions. I’m an honest person, especially with finances because I know how easy it is to live beyond your means. I don’t want to be that employee, and thankfully, never could be. I hope the agency I work at in the future has that same vision. I want to grow somewhere where I thought I could at the spa I was working. I want to build, create and foster professional relationships that does something good for this planet and everything and everyone on it. Now… If you’re in an agency that sounds like this… Invest in me for media planning!

Thank you or reading! #MAIPithappen

Personally: I bet the word “tired” is in a lot of these posts. This type of tired seems to be the one that lingers even after you catch up on sleep. It goes away in short bursts and the energy and enthusiasm usually lasts for a few hours in the day. I try to seize those moments, and I happen to be in one of those moments now even though I woke up around 2:30AM (occupational hazard of being scared to miss my 3AM alarm) with nausea and my stomach flip flopping around. I didn’t really eat anything out of the norm, but I think working the past 6 days in a row at a 4AM start time with more work that carries on into the night that caught up to me, physically and mentally. I think I compartmentalized the stress and anxiety and it woke me up because it was a brief moment where I had the time to let it be realized. I hate that cycle. I just care a lot, even if it’s as mundane as not messing up someone’s drink.

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